Why didn't I receive my product/download?!

Hello and thanks for your order, we appreciate you!

This can be caused by 2 reasons...

First thing to do is check your spam/junk email folder!

Quite often emails sent from our automated systems end up in your spam/junk email folder. Please check there & see.

Second, there can be delays with PayPal releasing your order details to our system. These delays can range from several minutes to a few hours.

If you still haven't received an email with your download instructions, then please open a support ticket.

Please allow 48-72hrs for a reply during weekends or public holidays. Your support ticket will be answered ASAP.

We truly appreciate you as our customer & thank you for your patience.

You're also welcome to call our support line at USA +1 (800) 571-0238 Monday - Friday.


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